Call for Papers: FASL 26

FASL 26: May. 19 – 21, 2017.
Location: Urbana, IL, USA.

Invited speakers for the main session:
Stephanie Harves (New York University)
Darya Kavitskaya (UC Berkeley).

Invited speakers for the special session on Acquisition and Processing of Slavic languages:
Alexandra Perovic (University College London)
Irina Sekerina (CUNY – College of Staten Island)
Natalia Slioussar (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

Submission deadline: Jan. 5, 2017.
Conference website:

Call for Papers: IGG 43

IGG 43: Feb. 15-17, 2017.
Location: Pavia, Italy.

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Giorgio Graffi (University of Verona)
Prof. Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena, University of Geneva)

Invited speakers for the workshop on order and direction of grammatical operations:
Prof. Robert Frank (Yale University)
Prof. Colin Phillips (University of Maryland)

Submission deadline: Dec. 12, 2016.
Conference website: