Call for papers: Going Romance 2018

Going Romance 2018: Dec. 11-14, 2018.
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Invited speakers:
Silvio Cruschina (Universität Wien)
Hamida Demirdache (Université de Nantes)
Luis López (University of Illinois at Chicago)
MCarme Parafita Couto (Universiteit Leiden)

Special sessions:
1. Romance varieties in (micro-)contact and linguistic theory
2. GREAT 2018: Going Romance (Re-)Explores Aspect and Tense

Submission deadline: Jul. 20, 2018.
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Call for papers: SPE 10

SPE 10: Dec. 17-19, 2018.
Location: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

Invited speakers:
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga (HU, Berlin) 
Manfred Krifka (Leibniz-ZAS/HU, Berlin)
Hazel Pearson (QMUL, London)
Phillipe Schlenker (Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS, Paris/ NYU, New York)

Special workshops:
1. The Syntax, Semantics and Philosophy of Speech Acts
2. Semantics in other minds

Submission deadline: Sept. 15, 2018.
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Call for papers: CLS 55

CLS 55: May 16-18, 2019.
Location: the University of Chicago

Invited speakers:
Michael Arbib (University of Southern California)
Elabbas Benmamoun (Duke University)
Karen Emmorey (San Diego State University)
Yaroslav Gorbachov (The University of Chicago)
Wendy Sandler (University of Haifa)
Ianthi Maria Tsimpli (Cambridge University)

Special topcis:
Brain and language
Endangered languages
Language acquisition 
Sign language linguistics
Phylogenetic emergence of human languages

Submission deadline: Jan. 16, 2019.
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Calls for papers: DGfS 2019

DGfS 2019: Mar. 6 – 8, 2019.
Location: University of Bremen

Invited speakers:
Walter Bisang (Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)
– Grammar between explicitness and economy
Barbara Schlücker (Universität Leipzig)
– Contrast and opposition in word-formation and syntax
Eeva Sippola (University of Helsinki)
– Continuity and creativity in Creole grammar
Martine Vanhove (Université de Paris/Llacan CNRS Villejuif)
– Grammaticalisation in Cushitic Languages

WS 1: Kontraste und Oppositionen bei Genus und Geschlecht im Deutschen
WS 2: Proper names versus common nouns: morphosyntactic contrasts in the languages of the world
WS 3: Cross-linguistic variation in control phenomena
WS 4: Encoding varieties of topic and focus: the role of contrast and information status
WS 5: Concessives vs. adversatives: opposing opposition
WS 6: Factors influencing the stability of phonetic contrasts and phonemic oppositions
WS 7: Language change at the interfaces. On the interaction between syntax, prosody and information structure
WS 8: Who cares? Contrast and opposition in „free“ phenomena
WS 9: Koloniale und post-koloniale Toponomastik
WS 10: Prosody from a cross-domain perspective: how language speaks to music (and vice versa)
WS 11: Iconicity in Language
WS 12: Sorting out the concepts behind definiteness
WS 13: Post-truth: the semantics and pragmatics of saying „what you believe to be false“
WS 14: Variation in der Argumentstruktur des Deutschen. Empirische und theoretische Perspektiven im Spannungsfeld von Valenz und Konstruktion
WS 15: Encoding emotive attitudes in non-truth-conditional meaning
WS 16: New horizons in the study of nominal phrases

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Call for papers: ConSOLE 2019

ConSOLE 2019: Feb. 21 – 23, 2019.
Location: Berlin.

Invited speakers:
Dora Alexopoulou, University of Cambridge
Nora Boneh, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Claudia Felser, University of Potsdam
Andrew Koontz-Garboden, University of Manchester
George Walkden, University of Konstanz
Eva Zimmermann, University of British Columbia / Leipzig

Submission deadline: Sept. 30, 2018.
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