Conference: Going Romance 2020 (online)

Going Romance 2020: Nov. 25 – Nov. 27, 2020.
Location: online.

Invited speakers:

Special session on Preposition-determiner interactions on 25 November 2020
Invited speaker: Anne Carlier (Sorbonne Université)

Extended submission deadline: Jul. 14, 2020.
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Conference: Going Romance 2018

Going Romance 2018: Dec. 11-14, 2018.
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Invited speakers:
Silvio Cruschina (Universität Wien)
Hamida Demirdache (Université de Nantes)
Luis López (University of Illinois at Chicago)
MCarme Parafita Couto (Universiteit Leiden)

Special sessions:
1. Romance varieties in (micro-)contact and linguistic theory
2. GREAT 2018: Going Romance (Re-)Explores Aspect and Tense

Submission deadline: Jul. 20, 2018.
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Conference website: