Conference: Going Romance 2019

Going Romance 2019 will be organised at Leiden University on November 28-29, 2019.

Conference website:

Invited speakers:
– Heather Burnett
– João Costa
– Caterina Donati

Abstracts for the main session, the special session or the poster sessions should be submitted in .PDF format through EasyAbs no later than July 20, 2019.

Main session & Poster sessions: November 28-29

The conference focuses on the intersection of linguistic theory with data from the Romance languages. There are no specific requirements as to the topic, the subdiscipline, the approach, or the methodology, as long as it is clear how the Romance data contribute to linguistic theories of human language (

In addition to the main session, there will be a special session:

Special session ‘Gender in Romance’, November 29, 14.00-17.30h.

This workshop aims at a discussion of various aspects of gender in Romance, including but not limited to the following topics: Social meaning of gender and gender conflicts; syntax and semantics of gender and gender agreement; gender and linguistic variation (geographical, historical, social); gender and first and second language acquisition; gender in bi/multilingual scenarios; psycholinguistic aspects of gender.