Conference: 2nd Cambridge Comparative Syntax Conference(CamCoS 2)

CamCoS 2 will be a two-day event running 10-11 May 2013. The first day will have a general comparative generative syntax focus, while the second day takes the same theme-oriented, invited-speaker format as CamCoS 1.

The theme for CamCoS 2 is ‘Focus’, with our central question being ‘How can we know whether focus is represented in the narrow syntax?’


The invited speakers are:

Enoch Aboh (University of Amsterdam)
David Beaver (University of Texas at Austin)
Daniel Büring (University of Vienna)
Aritz Irurtzun (CNRS)
Ad Neeleman and Hans van de Koot (University College London)
Stavros Skopeteas (University of Bielefeld)
Susanne Winkler (University of Tübingen)

More info:

Conference Website:
Contact: Theresa Biberauer