Workshop: Systematic Semantic Change

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin will host a two day workshop on Semantic Change on April 5-6, 2013.

Invited Speakers:

Cleo Condoravdi (CSLI and Stanford)

Osten Dahl (Stockholm)

Regine Eckardt (Gottingen)

Larry Horn (Yale)

Sabine Iatridou (MIT)

Roumyana Pancheva (University of Southern California)

Elizabeth Traugott (Stanford)


The goal of this workshop is to bring together two groups of researchers: specifically, researchers working on problems of semantic variability and change from within the paradigm of formal semantics/pragmatics and researchers working on these questions from within the grammaticalization paradigm. The workshop aims to engender dialogue on whether and how robust diachronic observations and insights about meaning change emerging from the typological and grammaticalization paradigm can/cannot be modeled using semantic and pragmatic tools and whether attempts at translation between these paradigms can be fruitful for both approaches to meaning. In view of this, abstracts that attempt to address questions of grammaticalization and evolution of semantic categories within formal frameworks are particularly welcome.

Workshop dates: April 5-6, 2012

This workshop is sponsored by the Donald D. Harrington Fellows Program at UT Austin. It is organized by Ashwini Deo (Harrington Faculty Fellow-2012-13) with the support of the UT Linguistics Department.

Program Committee:

David Beaver, John Beavers, Ashwini Deo, Patience Epps, Stephen Wechsler