Workshop: Mass/Count in Linguistics, Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Mass/Count in Linguistics, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, 19-21 Dec 2012 Paris (France)
The aim of this conference is to contribute to the establishment of new research avenues at the interface of these disciplines.
Invited Speakers:
Invited speaker Almerindo Ojeda (UCDavis)
Countability and Grammatical Number: An Aristotelian View and Its Challenges (Dussane)
David Barner (UCSD)
Experimental evidence for the compositionality of sortal concepts (Dussane)
Dana Cohen et Anne Zribi-Hertz (SFL/Paris8)
“Mass” vs. “Count” : on the distribution of labour between syntax and the lexicon (Dussane)
Henry Laycock (Queen’s University)
WORDS AND CONCEPTS: the ‘object’ concept and the ‘matter’ concept (Dussane)


December 19, 2012: Tutorial 

Place: IHPST, Grande Salle, 13 rue du Four, second floor, 75005 Paris

Friederike Moltmann (IHPST) & David Nicolas (IJN)

The colloquim will be preceded by a one day-tutorial. The tutorial will provide an overview and a critical discussion of the various approaches to the mass-count distinction both in philosophy and in linguistic semantics.

December 20-21, 2012
Place: ENS, Salle Dussane, 45 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris

The aim of this colloquium is to provide a platform of exchange between linguists, philosophers and psychologists, working the different aspects of the mass/count distinction. Such a resolutely interdisciplinary approach is indeed necessary to fully apprehend the new questions that are presently arising in connection to the mass/count distinction. This multidisciplinary conference aspires to move this scientific debate forward, and contribute to the evolution of current methodology.

Workshop website: