Conference: SICOGG 16

The 16th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar will take place at Dongguk University in Seoul, Korea, from August 6, Wednesday, through August 9, Saturday, of 2014. The conference will be co-hosted by the Korean Generative Grammar Circle, Dongguk University and Language Research Institute of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.


The Conference will consist of a general session, a workshop, and a series of lectures from the keynote speaker. The theme of the general session is ‘Comparative Syntax’. The confirmed keynote speaker will be Professor Ian Roberts from Cambridge University, and the theme of his talk is ‘Rethinking Comparative Syntax: An Emergentist Approach to Parametric Variation’. The invited speaker for the workshop is Professor Heejeong Ko from Seoul National University.

The workshop will focus on the syntax of small clauses and its consequences for the interfaces. In the workshop, we will discuss how the syntax of small clauses can be understood in various languages and how we can deepen our understanding of the syntax-phonology mapping and syntax-semantics mapping in the domain of small clauses. Some specific topics may include:

(1) -Structure of small clauses: What is the proper structure of small clauses? How can we capture cross-linguistic variations in the syntax of small clauses?
(2) -Movement in and out of small clauses: Is there any movement within small clauses? Is there any sub-extraction out of small clauses? If so, how does it get regulated in the narrow syntax?
(3) -Linearization of small clauses: How does the structure of a small cause get linearized in the syntax-phonology interface? What implications can we draw from Spell-out of small clauses?
(4) -Interpretation of small clauses: How does the syntax of small clauses affect their semantic interpretation? What is the role of event structure in licensing various types of small clauses?

Each speaker of the general and the workshop sessions will be allotted 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

Participants are asked to check this web page to keep up to date regarding possible alterations and changes. Additional questions concerning the conference information and participation can be sent to Mr. Keeseok Cho at The local organizer concerning the proceeding publication: Mr. Il-Jae Lee at

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