Workshop: ECO 5 2014

ECO5 Workshop 2014

The Maryland-MIT-Harvard-UMass-UConn Workshop in Formal Linguistics will take place on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at the University of Maryland, College Park in Marie Mount Hall, room 1108B.

10:00am Registration and Breakfast (provided)
10:20am Opening Remarks by Prof. Norbert Hornstein
10:30am Dorothy Ahn (Harvard) Additive either as a disjunctive NPI counterpart of too
 11:00am Yuta Sakamoto (UConn) Phases and Elliptic Arguments in Japanese
 11:30am Break
 12:00pm  Juliet Stanton (MIT) Varieties of A’-extractions: evidence from preposition stranding
 12:30pm  Jeff Green (UMD) Local and remote control of reason clauses in passives
 1:00pm  Lunch (provided)
 2:00pm  Renato Lacerda (UConn) Rebel without a Case: Quantifier floating in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish
 2:30pm  Laurence B-Violette (Harvard) Object-subject obviation: evidence from French
 3:00pm Michelle Yuan (MIT) Person-case restrictions in Inuktitut as an anti-agreement effect
 3:30pm  Break
 4:00pm  Anton Malko  (UMD) Gender agreement in Russian: two distinct attraction profiles
 5:00pm  Lena Borise (Harvard) The Syntax of Answers to Negative Polarity Questions in English and Russian
 5:30pm  Emma Nguyen (UConn) Best of Both Worlds? Preliminary Observations of Xiang in Mandarin Chinese
 6:00pm  Dinner