Conference: IACL 23

The 23rd annual conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) will be hosted by Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea on 19-21 June 2015. The conference will be held jointly with the first conference of the International Symposium on Sino-Korean Linguistics (ISSKL),

Theme: Diverse Perspectives on Chinese Linguistics in the World
Date: June 19 – June 21 (Friday – Sunday), 2015
Venue: Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Under the theme of “Diverse Perspectives on Chinese Linguistics in the World,” IACL-23 expects that more than 230 scholars in various subfields of Chinese linguistics will participate in the conference from more than 23 countries. Those scholars in the countries where Chinese linguists are under-represented are strongly encouraged to submit their abstracts. Some of them may be considered for a travel subsidy, depending on funding availability.

Keynote Speakers:
Seongdo Heo 許成道, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Seoul National University
Tan-huei Hsu 許錟輝, Department of Chinese Literature, National Normal University of Taiwan
C.-T. James Huang 黄正德, Department of Linguistics, Harvard University
Christine Lamarre 柯里思, Centre de recherches linguistiques sur l’Asie orientale, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
Danqing Liu 刘丹青, Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Chiu-yu Tseng 鄭秋豫, Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica
William S-Y. Wang 王士元, Chinese University of Hong Kong (tentative)
John Whitman, Department of Linguistics, Cornell University

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