Workshop: Cornell Workshop on Aspect

Cornell Workshop on Aspect: 03-Oct-2015 – 04-Oct-2015
Location: Ithaca, NY, USA
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The goal of this workshop is to address the latest findings in the study of aspect and its place in the grammar. The workshop seeks to probe several topics that have been investigated over the last few years in which aspect plays a central role and to integrate different perspectives on aspect. We will bring together researchers who are concerned with the syntactic, morphological and semantic properties of aspect. We are particularly interested in the relationship between aspect and other linguistic phenomena which include (but are not limited to) the following:

Case/agreement; Locality/cyclic domains (e.g., phases); Tense; Counterfactuals; Argument structure

Speaker List (detailed schedule attached below):

Sabine Iatridou (MIT) and Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow State University)
Fake things here and there: Evidence from now and then
Lisa Travis (McGill University)
Using morphophonological evidence to determine the position of aspectual related heads
Omer Preminger (UMD)
Aspect-tense dissociations and their consequences for case & agreement
Jonathan MacDonald (University of Illinois)
The syntactic relation between DP and Asp: Exploring one consequence for the double object construction
Bronwyn Bjorkman (Queen’s University)
The case of aspect
Daniel Altshuler (Hampshire College)
Does viewpoint aspect make reference to time?
Laura Kalin (UConn)
Aspects of the Indo-Iranian “stem”
Neda Todorovic (UConn)
Aspectual distribution in embedded contexts: Serbian and beyond
Li Nan (Cornell)
Aspect and/or T(ense) in Mandarin Chinese: The case of negative sentences
Miloje Despic (Cornell)
Negative imperatives and aspect: From locality to argument structure

**If you need accommodations to participate in this event, please contact Michael Williamson at or 607.255.3384 as soon as possible.

Workshop Organizers:
– Miloje Despic (Cornell University), 607.255.1105
– Mia Wiegand (Cornell University)