Workshop: Trends in Experimental Pragmatics

Workshop: Trends in Experimental Pragmatics

Uli Sauerland (ZAS Berlin); Petra Schumacher (U Köln)
Time: 18 – 20 January 2016
Venue: Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) Berlin, Trajekte-Raum, 3rd floor.
Workshop webpage:

Invited speakers:
Richard Breheny (UC London),
Bart Geurts (U Nijmegen),
Ira Noveck (CNRS Lyon),
Jesse Snedeker (Harvard University)

The field of Experimental Pragmatics was founded by the publication of Noveck & Sperber (2004) who confidently wrote: “this volume lays down the bases for a new field, Experimental Pragmatics, that draws on pragmatics, psycholinguistics and also on the psychology of reasoning.” The bold prediction has proven remarkable accurate: Experimental Pragmatics has since successfully established itself as an independent field of research, providing a new perspective on age-old pragmatic problems and inspiring new lines of inquiry. In addition to the fields Noveck & Sperber above mentioned, also semantics, neuroscience and philosophy have contributed to Experimental Pragmatics, but also been influenced by it. A dozen years later, this workshop aims to stake out new directions for Experimental Pragmatics. We seek contributions that strive to integrate existing accomplishments in experimental pragmatics, new methods of experimentation, and developments in related fields to raise or advance new big issues suitable for exploration from the perspective of Experimental Pragmatics.
The workshop will serve as think tank for future directions within In addition to keynote presentations, there will be a panel discussion on future developments within Experimental Pragmatics.

We seek original, high-quality contributions in all areas of pragmatics where experimental methods promise to lead to progress. For the selection, please submit an anonymous abstract of maximally one page of text with an additional page for data, figures, and references. Each individual may the first author on no more than one contribution. We aim at a program of high quality papers that cover a diverse set of topics and methods.

Please upload your submission to by October 25th 2015!

We expect to announce the selection decisions in mid-November. Accepted papers are required to submit a six page preproceedings paper by January 4th, 2016.