Conference: SALT 26


The 26th Semantics and Linguistic Theory conference will take place on May 12–15, 2016, at The University of Texas at Austin. There will be keynote presentations by:

  • Sigrid Beck, University of Tübingen
  • Edit Doron, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Rick Nouwen, Utrecht University
  • Kristen Syrett, Rutgers University


In addition to the regular sessions of SALT 26 there will be a one day special session on Presupposition, with presentations on theoretical, experimental, fieldwork-based, or corpus-based approaches to presupposition, presupposition triggering, or presuppositional inference. We are happy to announce three further invited speakers for this session:

  • Lauri Karttunen, Stanford University
  • Stanley Peters, Stanford University
  • Judith Tonhauser, The Ohio State University

Conference website:

Call for Papers

We invite submission of abstracts for 30-minute oral presentations (with an additional 10 minutes for questions) or posters on any topic in natural language semantics with relevance to linguistic theory. The special session on presupposition has the same submission and reviewing process as the main session.

Submission Details

Deadline: December 20, 2015, 11:59 pm Central Standard Time (UTC-6)

As with SALT 25, there will be a short period for authors and reviewers to exchange feedback. Author feedback is scheduled for February 5–12, 2016.


Abstracts must be anonymous. The main text should be at most 3 pages (US Letter or A4) in length, including examples, with an optional fourth page for references. The abstract should use a 12pt font and 1 inch margins (for US Letter) or 3 cm margins (for A4) on all four sides. The abstract must be submitted as a single PDF file. These limitations will be strictly enforced. In addition to the intellectual merit of the abstract, clarity and readability will also be taken into account in reviewing.

SALT 26 will feature a poster session. Poster presentations will be published as regular papers in the proceedings. Poster presenters will be asked to give a short “lightning round” presentation prior to the poster session.


Authors may be involved in at most two abstracts and may be the sole author of at most one abstract.

SALT does not accept papers that at the time of the conference have been published or have been accepted for publication. In addition, preference will be given to presentations that are not duplicated at other major conferences.

If the work or a close variant of it is under submission to or accepted for publication or presentation in any other major venue (such as a national or international conference or a journal/book chapter), we request that the authors create a small section titled “Additional Submission” after the references at the end of the paper. This section should include the other venue(s) for which the work has been submitted, the status of those submissions, and an indication of any major aspects of the SALT abstract not submitted elsewhere. We require that authors update us by email if/when there is a relevant change in the status of other submissions.


All papers presented at the main or the special session of the conference will be published in a SALT 26 volume following the conclusion of the conference, edited at Cornell University and published by the Linguistic Society of America.

Easychair Instructions

On the EasyChair submission page, there are several additional options to pay attention to:

  1. A checkbox to indicate if you want your abstract to be considered for poster presentation (if you do not check this, your paper will be considered only for oral presentation).
  2. A checkbox to indicate if you would like your abstract to be considered for the Special Session on Presupposition.
  3. An extensive (but not comprehensive) list of topics that will be used to help assign reviewers. Select all topics relevant to your paper (we estimate most papers will select 1-3 topics).
  4. You may use the Keywords textbox to prioritize or add additional topics.

Submit your abstract here: