Conference: GLOW 46

GLOW 46: Apr. 11-15, 2023.
Location: Vienna and Graz.

Main colloquium topic: redundancy and deficiency


  • Mismatched pronouns: specification discrepancies between pronominals and their morphosyntactic or semantic context (Apr. 11, Graz)
  • Non-automatic alternations in phonology (Apr. 15, Vienna)

Submission deadline: Dec. 1, 2022.
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Conference: AC2022

AC2022: Dec. 19-21, 2022.
Location: the University of Amsterdam

Invited speakers:
Regular programme:

  • Justin Bledin (Johns Hopkins)
  • Gemma Boleda (Pompeu Fabra)
  • Jacopo Romoli (Düsseldorf)
  • Teresa Marques (Barcelona)

Workshop on Biases in Language and Cognition

  • Lilia Rissman (Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Jennifer Culbertson (Edinburgh)

Workshop on Compositional Approaches to Projection

  • Márta Abrusán (Institut Jean Nicod)
  • David Beaver (UT Austin)

Beth lecture: Craige Roberts (Ohio State)

Extended submission deadline: Sept. 7, 2022.
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Conference: BUCLD 47

BUCLD 47: Nov. 3-6, 2022
Location: Boston
Hosted by Boston University

Invited speakers:

  • Keynote: Dr. Jeffrey Lidz (University of Maryland- Department of Linguistics)
  • Plenary: Dr. Letitia Naigles (University of Connecticut- Department of Psychological Sciences)
  • Student Workshop: Dr. Marisa Casillas (University of Chicago- Department of Comparative Human Development).

Submission deadline: Jun. 1, 2022
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Conference: FDSL 15

FDSL 15: Oct. 5-7, 2022
Location: Berlin
Hosted by Humboldt University

Invited speakers:
Main session:

  • Zorica Puškar-Gallien (ZAS)
  • Marcin Wągiel (Brno/Wrocław)

Special session ‘Formal approaches to Ukrainian’:

  • Svitlana Antonyuk (Graz)
  • James E. Lavine (Bucknell University)

Submission deadline: May 25, 2022.
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