Conference: MFM 27

MFM 27: May 23-25, 2019
Location: Manchester, UK

Special session: Is there lexically-specific phonology?

Invited speakers
Claire Moore-Cantwell (Simon Fraser University & UBC)
Jennifer L. Smith (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Jochen Trommer (Universitaet Leipzig)

Invited discussant
Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (University of Manchester)

Submission deadline: Jan. 28, 2019.
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Conference: MFM 26

MFM 26: May 24 – 26, 2018.
Location: Manchester, UK.

Special session: ‘SPE at 50: what remains?’
Invited speakers: (in alphabetical order)
Silke Hamann (University of Amsterdam)
David Odden (Ohio State University)
Anne-Michelle Tessier (University of Michigan and Simon Fraser University)

Invited discussant: Joan Mascaro (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona )

Submission deadline: Feb. 19, 2018.
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