Conference: TEAL 8

8th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-8)

The Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Tsing Hua University will host the 8th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-8) on June 4-5, 2013.

Keynote Speaker: C.-T. James Huang

Conference Website:

The TEAL Workshop was first launched in 1990 at the University of California, Irvine as a mid-size workshop intended to foster research on East Asian linguistics. It has been an important forum for presenting new theories and exchanging novel ideas that bear on East Asian languages with theoretical interests. Since 2002, the TEAL Workshop has been an international event. It was held at Doshisha University in 2002, at National Tsing Hua University in 2004, at Harvard University in 2005, at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2007, at University of Potsdam in 2008, at Peking University in 2010, and most recently at Hiroshima University in 2011.

1.Jo-wang LIN & Wei-tien Dylan TSAI
Restricting Non-restrictive Relatives in Mandarin Chinese
2.Chen-Sheng Luthur LIU
Classifiers with the Part-related Reading and Types of Existential Quantifiers
3.Ting-Chi WEI
Fragment question: Phase, anti-locality, and deletion
4.Shengli FENG
Light verb Syntax between English and Classical Chinese
5.GU Yang
Issues in Chinese Comparative Constructions
6.Sze-Wing TANG
Notes on Cartographic Syntax of Speech Act and Evidentiality
7.Chunyan NING
On the Overriding Syntactic Role of Chinese Functional Items
8.SHEN Yang
Verbal Projections and the Syntax of “V+dao/zai NP”
9.Na Kristy LIU
The structures of Chinese short and long bei passives revisited
10. Lisa CHENG & Rint SYBESMA
Hidden applicatives
11. Keynote Speech C.-T. James HUANG
Word order, syntactic structure and information structure

12. Li SHEN
On the Property Predication of Active Verbs in Chinese: A Comparison with Japanese
13. Shizhe HUANG
Abstraction and Nominalization in Chinese and Thai Modifiers
14. Wei-wen Roger LIAO & Yuyun Iris WANG
It’s all about the same
15. Mamoru SAITO
Notes on the v-V Selectional Relations with Complex Predicates
16. Masao OCHI
Wh-adjuncts, Left Periphery, and Wh-in-situ
17. Hiromu SAKAI, Youngju KIM & Yosike IGARASHI
Genitive Subject in Korean and Japanese: A view from Prosody-Syntax Interface
18. Barry YANG
On the Speaker Force of Atypical Wh-expressions
19. Andrew SIMPSON
Verbal answers to yes/no questions and theories of ellipsis
20. Michael BARRIE & Audrey LI
Analysis vs. Synthesis: Objects