Conference: Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification

Workshop on the Acquisition of Quantification is to be held at UMass Amherst, October 4-5, 2013.

Call Deadline: 01-Jul-2013


This workshop aims to foster discussion and collaboration among researchers working on the acquisition of quantification, by bringing together work from a variety of languages, experimental paradigms, and theoretical perspectives.

The past two decades have produced detailed and wide-ranging investigations of quantification in child language, including important work on:

– ‘Quantifier-spreading’ phenomena (Roeper and DeVilliers 1993, Philip 1995, Crain et al. 1996, Drozd 2001, Drozd and Van Loosbroek 2006, Geurts 2003, Smits 2009)
– Quantifier scope and quantifier raising (Lidz and Musolino 2002, Musolino and Lidz 2005, Syrett and Lidz 2010)
– Distributivity and collectivity in universal quantification (Brooks and Braine 1996, Brooks and Sekerina 2006)
– Scalar implicatures and quantificational issues at the semantic-pragmatics interface (Noveck 2001, Papafragou and Musolino 2003, Huang and Snedeker 2009b)
– The connection between quantification and early numerical cognition (Barner et al. 2009, Sullivan and Barner 2011, Brooks et al. 2011)
– Knowledge of the syntax and semantics of quantification in L2 learners (DelliCarpini 2003, O’Grady 2006, Ionin et al. 2012)

Invited Speakers:

Martin Hackl (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Julien Musolino (Rutgers University)
William Philip (University of Utrecht)

Deadline for submission: July 1, 2013 

Notification of acceptance: Before August 15, 2013

Organizers: Jeremy Hartman, Magda Oiry, Tom Roeper
Workshop website: