Conference: Phonology 2013

Phonology 2013

Date: 08-Nov-2013 – 10-Nov-2013

Location: Amherst, MA, USA

Contact Person: Joe Pater

Meeting Email:

Meeting Description:

Phonology 2013 will be held November 8-10 on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This is planned to be the first in an annual series of general phonology conferences, to be held at a different location each year.

Invited Speakers:

John McCarthy, UMass Amherst

Sharon Peperkamp, LSCP Paris

Kevin Ryan, Harvard University

The research presentations will take place November 9-10. On November 8, we will hold a tutorial workshop on ‘Computational and Experimental Methods in Phonology’. The full schedule is TBA, but we are pleased to announce three of the tutorials now:

John Kingston, UMass Amherst ‘Octave/Matlab scripting for Psychtoolbox’

Lisa Sanders, UMass Amherst ‘ERP methods for phonology’

Brian Smith, UMass Amherst ‘Corpus phonology in R’