Conference: OCP 11

11th Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP 11)
Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL), Meertens Instituut Amsterdam
22-25 January 2014

Invited Speakers:

Adamantios I. Gafos (University of Potsdam)
Silke Hamann (University of Amsterdam)
Alan Prince (Rutgers University)

The Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) and the Meertens
Instituut Amsterdam are proud to announce that the eleventh Old World
Conference in Phonology (OCP 11) will take place in Leiden and
Amsterdam from 23 to 25 January 2014. It is organised by a group of
local phonologists and follows in the line of previous OCP
conferences, which have been held in Leiden, Tromsø, Budapest, Rhodes,
Toulouse, Edinburgh, Nice, Marrakech, Berlin, and Istanbul.

The conference will be preceded by a workshop on the relationship
between phonetics and phonology on 22 January. Everyone attending the
conference is very welcome to attend the workshop, too.

Pre-Conference Workshop on the Relationship between Phonetics and Phonology:

During the last years a special attention has been devoted to the
relationship between phonetics and phonology. However, most of the
questions dealing with the role of phonetics in formal models of
phonology are still unanswered. As a matter of illustration, some of
these questions are the following: are phonological features grounded
in phonetics, or are they substance-free? If features are grounded in
phonetics, are they based on articulation or acoustics? Is the mapping
between the phonological output and phonetics a direct or an indirect
one? Should functional explanations of phonological patterns be
included in formal phonology, or are synchronic phonological patterns
just phonetically arbitrary, meaning that those explanations do not
belong to grammar but to other theories such as sound change? How is
metrical structure reflected in phonetics? (How) should phonetic
variation in the speech signal be captured in phonological theory?

Local Organizers:

Chair: Björn Köhnlein
Bert Botma
Ben Hermans
Frans Hinskens
Claartje Levelt
Kathrin Linke
Etske Ooijevaar
Marc van Oostendorp
Marijn van ?t Veer
Secretary: Francesc Torres-Tamarit

Important Dates:

Deadline for abstracts: 15 September 2013
First call for papers: 29 April 2013
Second call for papers: 15 July 2013
Last call for papers: 1 September 2013
Notification of acceptance: 1 November 2013
Main conference: 23-25 January 2014
Pre-conference workshop: 22 January 2014

Conference website: