Conference: JK 27

JK 27: Oct. 18-20, 2019.
Location: Seoul, South Korea

The Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference is an annual meeting on Japanese and Korean languages (interpreted broadly to include minority languages of Japan and Korea). The conference covers all subfields of linguistics.

The 27th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference will take place from Oct 18-20, 2019 at Sogang University in Seoul. More information will be provided shortly.

Conference website:

Invited speakers:

Chung-hye Han (Simon Fraser University)
Seunghun Lee (International Christian University)
Satoshi Tomioka (University of Delaware)
Keiko Murasugi (Nanzan University)

Call for papers

Abstracts are invited for the 27th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference for oral presentations (20+10 min) or posters. The deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2019, Jun. 7th, 2019. Abstracts must conform to the following requirements:

  • A4 or 8.5 by 11 paper
  • 2.5cm margins
  • Times 11 point font
  • 2 pages including data – Please interleave data into the abstract. Do not gather the examples at the end of the abstract.
  • References may appear on or spill over to a third page
  • The conference also accepts work on Ryukyuan and Jeju.

Authors may submit a maximum of (1) one singly-authored and one jointly-authored abstracts, or (2) two jointly-authored abstracts. Please submit your abstracts in pdf form at