Conference: DGfS 2019

DGfS 2019: Mar. 6 – 8, 2019.
Location: University of Bremen

Invited speakers:
Walter Bisang (Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)
– Grammar between explicitness and economy
Barbara Schlücker (Universität Leipzig)
– Contrast and opposition in word-formation and syntax
Eeva Sippola (University of Helsinki)
– Continuity and creativity in Creole grammar
Martine Vanhove (Université de Paris/Llacan CNRS Villejuif)
– Grammaticalisation in Cushitic Languages

WS 1: Kontraste und Oppositionen bei Genus und Geschlecht im Deutschen
WS 2: Proper names versus common nouns: morphosyntactic contrasts in the languages of the world
WS 3: Cross-linguistic variation in control phenomena
WS 4: Encoding varieties of topic and focus: the role of contrast and information status
WS 5: Concessives vs. adversatives: opposing opposition
WS 6: Factors influencing the stability of phonetic contrasts and phonemic oppositions
WS 7: Language change at the interfaces. On the interaction between syntax, prosody and information structure
WS 8: Who cares? Contrast and opposition in „free“ phenomena
WS 9: Koloniale und post-koloniale Toponomastik
WS 10: Prosody from a cross-domain perspective: how language speaks to music (and vice versa)
WS 11: Iconicity in Language
WS 12: Sorting out the concepts behind definiteness
WS 13: Post-truth: the semantics and pragmatics of saying „what you believe to be false“
WS 14: Variation in der Argumentstruktur des Deutschen. Empirische und theoretische Perspektiven im Spannungsfeld von Valenz und Konstruktion
WS 15: Encoding emotive attitudes in non-truth-conditional meaning
WS 16: New horizons in the study of nominal phrases

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Conference: DGfS 2018

DGfS 2018: Mar. 7-9, 2018.
Location: Stuttgart, Germany.

Plenary speakers:
Artemis Alexiadou (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Anette Frank (Universität Heidelberg)
Julie Anne Legate (University of Pennsylvania)
Roberto Zamparelli (Università de Trento)

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