Conferences: GLOW 39

The 39th GLOW colloquium will take place on April 5th – 8th, 2016 in Göttingen, Germany. It will be hosted by LinG – Linguistics in Göttingen.

This year’s GLOW colloquium consists of a main conference (on April 5th – 7th) and two thematic workshops (on April 8th). The main conference has no specific topic, so scholars are invited to submit and present papers within all areas of generative linguistics. The two thematic workshops are:

Workshop I: Perspectivization
Workshop II: Phonological and Syntactic Reconstruction of Speech Acts

Call for Papers (Main Session)

The main colloquium of GLOW 39 welcomes abstracts on any topic or subfield of generative linguistics, including (but not limited to) phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Presentations will be 45 minutes long plus 15 minutes of discussion. In addition there will be two poster sessions.

GLOW is the major European conference on theoretical linguistics. We therefore welcome theoretical contributions from all fields of linguistics, including (but not restricted to) phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, language change, language acquisition, typology, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, etc. We might even opt for special sessions on particular fields (e.g. phonology) if the number of high-quality abstract justifies that.

All papers submitted for the GLOW 39 main colloquium should adhere strictly to the following guidelines (for submission to the thematic workshops, see the dedicated pages):

Abstracts must not exceed two A4 pages in length (including data and references), have one inch (2.5 cm) margins on all sides, be set in Times New Roman with a font size no smaller than 12pt and single line spacing.

Examples, tables, graphs, etcetera must be integrated into the text of the abstract, rather than collected at the end.

The abstract must be completely anonymous: nothing in the abstract, the title, or the name of the document should identify the author(s).

At most two submissions per author, at most one of which can be single-authored. The same abstract may not be submitted to both the main colloquium and a workshop.

Only submissions in pdf-format will be accepted.