Conference: AMLaP 2020 (online)

AMLaP 2020: Sept. 3-5, 2020.
Location: virtually at Potsdam, Germany

Invited speakers:
Milena Rabovsky
Andrea Martin
Julie Van Dyke
Tal Linzen
Colin Phillips
Jeff Rouder

Satellite events:
The First South Asian Forum on the Acquisition and Processing of Language (SAFAL)
The Fourth Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology (SMLP)

Extended submission deadline: Apr. 30, 2020.
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Conference website:

Conference: FDSL 14 (new dates)

FDSL 14: Jun. 2-4, 2021.
Location: Leipzig, Germany.

Invited speakers:
Boban Arsenijević (Karl-Franzens-University of Graz)
Ora Matushansky (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, SFL, Paris)
Gereon Müller (Leipzig University)
Gillian Ramchand (University of Tromsø) (t.b.c.)
Marzena Żygis (Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin)

Extended submission deadline: May 31, 2020.
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Conference: JK 28 (online)

JK 28: Sept. 7-20, 2020.
Location: online.

Invited speakers:
Dr. Lucien Brown (Monash University, Australia)
Dr. Kook-Hee Gil (University of Sheffield, UK)
Prof. Yoko Yumoto (Osaka University, Japan)

Submission deadline: Mar. 8, 2020 (23:59 GMT)
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Conference website:

Conference: MFM 28 in 2020 (cancelled)

MFM 28: cancelled.
Location: Manchester, England.

Special session: Second Language Phonology and Phonological Theory
Invited speakers:
Ellen Broselow (Stony Brook University)
Charles Chang (Boston University)
Ellen Simon (Ghent University)

Submission deadline: Jan. 9, 2020.
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Conference website:

Conference: GALANA 9 (postponed, new dates TBD)

GALANA 9: postponed, new dates TBD.
Location: University of Iceland, Reykjavík or online

Invited speakers:
Dr. Nina Hyams – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Dr. Marit Westergaard – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
Dr. Sudha Arunachalam – New York University (NYU)

Extended submission deadline: Jan. 22, 2020. (23:59 Pacific Standard Time)
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Workshop: Sensus workshop (new dates)

Sensus workshop on the formal semantics and pragmatics of Romance languages: Sept. 26-27, 2020 .
Location: UMass.

Invited speakers:
Luis Alonso-Ovalle (McGill University)
Mariapaola D’Imperio (Rutgers University)
Donka Farkas (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Extended submission deadline: Jan. 14, 2020; 11:55PM GMT
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Workshop website:

Conference: Linearising Constituents Across Domains 2020 (online)

Linearising Constituents Across Domains 2020: October 15-16, 2020.
Location: online.

Invited speakers:
Nancy Kula (University of Essex)
Richard Kayne (New York University)
Caterina Donati (Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7, LLF, CNRS)
Barbara Citko (University of Washington)
Diogo Almeida (NYU Abu Dhabi)

Extended submission deadline: Dec. 12, 2019.
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Conference website: